Sunday, May 27, 2018

Token of Appreciation

Our great friend Mary K had shared her home with Karen and I after we had sold our home last fall and making plans to move to new home in Mount Vernon, Wa. As a token of our appreciation for Mary K,  I made her this tobacco stick candle display.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Last Indiana Project

I think this will be my last project to make while I'm still in Indiana. Mary K who is allowing my wife and I to live here before we move to Seattle to live closer to our grandkids.
This door was requested to be made to separate two rooms in back end of home. I made this out of construction lumber. Each side has it's own color scheme.


Back Side 

Monday, April 2, 2018

Pie Safe Storage Cabinet

A friend of mine who asked me to build them an TV stand several years ago ask me if I could make them a cabinet that they could use to store some can goods in. Basically work as a pantry. Not wanting to invest much money in this project I we decided to use pine. The overall size is 48" wide x 44" tall x 16" deep. Assembled with glue and pocket screws. Plans are to stain with Minwax Walnut with semigloss polyurethane. The finish and installing three shelves will be the next step.

More updated pictures to follow.....

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Shutters for Rent..

Since my wife and I have sold our house to prepare ourself for our move to live closer with our grand kids. In the meantime we rented a house from a good friend of ours. Since she knew I dabbled with woodworking we worked out a deal that is I would make some indoor window shutters for the house she would deduct part of the rent cost. :) So here is what I made.
She had 7 windows in three rooms that she wanted these to be installed in. Each panel is made out of pine. Used a primer to hide the knots and finished with a flat white eggshell color. The hinges are 2" non-mortise style. All shutters fold back against the woodwork, except the middle panels that are adjacent to the next window.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Wooden Barbie Case

Back in the beginning of this summer I had a request of a co-worker who had a granddaughter who loves the Barbie and her birthday was coming up. Per the request of my friend I build her a wooden carrying case to replicate a retro case she had when she was growing up. Much like what I remember my sister having when I was growing up.
The materials used was thin basswood that was is sold at Hobby Lobby. Michaels Crafts also sells the same type of wood. My concern was to make light as possible.
This was totally glued together. My friend added the stickers. Her granddaughter just loved it.

Option #1...Customer selected this idea.
After put together

Customer added the stickers

Inside view..

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Prepping House

As we get closer to putting our home on the market to sell, my wife and I have been working every weekend since January 1st. 2016. From gutting out the bathrooms, land scraping, new trim and much painting we are finally getting close to the finish line.
This past couple weeks we replaced the from door and made inside shutters for the front windows.
We are happy that we are about to wrap up, but sad that everything we have done is what we have been wanting to do for years.

The first pictures are the shutters. These are made of pine. When you open they are bi-fold style so they fold back flat against the trim. All of them do this except for the center window.

Shutters from the outside looking in.

Shutters from inside looking out.
Shutters as opened.

Next item was installing front door. The old door was old and drab looking. We were not happy with the fact that he foyer was so dark. To help provide a brighter feeling we replaced door with a glass panel style. It made all the difference. Once we installed the door, I was not too happy with the side panel. The wto glass panel designs seemed to clash. So I made a panel insert with pine and added some trim features that I feel like adds some appeal to the whole concept.

Old door before.
New door
So happy with the change.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Special Gift

In my early 20's I found out that I had Ulcerative Colitis and started going to our local doctor. Dr. Williams is who went to. Later in 2008 I was diagnosed with Rectal Cancer. Dr. Williams is the person who discovered the cancer. Throughout the years he had been available to take care of me and to make sure I was referred to the right people at Indiana University Hospital. 
A month ago I received a letter stating that he will be retiring in March 2017. To show my appreciation to him I carved this doctor holding a scope. This small token was something that I wanted to let him know how much I appreciated him being there for me and my family. 
Besides Dr. Williams is his nurse assistant Carol. Carol had also been with him over those 40 years. To show her my application I gave her a carved Santa that I have been doing for several years.
I presented both gifts to them both on February 28th. They both were very happy with the gift. To me this was one the most gratifying gifts I have ever made.

Both carvings are made of Basswood. The doctor stands about 7" tall and the Santa about 12" tall. I painted each with acrylic paint. On the doctor I used polyurethane and on the Santa I used brown shoe polish to give it a distressed look.

Gift for Dr. Williams

Gift for Carol