Monday, October 28, 2013

Prepping for First Show

Coming up on December 7th is a Christmas show in our community. I thought I would attempt to sell hand carved Santa's and snowmen plus other Christmas related items. About 2 weeks ago I started going to town on my carving. I was doing the carving and my wife Karen is doing the painting. This will be the first event I have ever done with my carvings. From family and friends everyone suggest I give it a try. The large carvings take be right at 3 1/2 hours and the smaller ones take right at an hour or 1 1/2. Next is to decide what to charge. I will have to start out where I think and work my way down. That's why I have been tracking my time for each and thinking I can estimate some type of cost? We'll see.
I made these out of basswood and tupelo. The tool I used mostly is a jack knife that my wife bought me several years ago for Christmas. It works well, but a pain to switch out when I'm using different tools. I have also have being turning some items on the lathe. Like the Christmas trees and the snowman you see. Those are only about 3 inches high. Hoping to make taller ones and maybe build a couple simple primitive style tabletop houses. Stay tune..I will add updated pictures showing by display setup.

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