Sunday, October 19, 2014

Awards for 5K

Besides woodworking and bicycle touring I'm also a volunteer fireman in my community. Over the weekend we had a 5K walk & run event to help support fallen firefighters, EMS and Police in our area. Besides designing the logo for our event, I volunteered to partially make the first and second place awards. In the pictures below I show all the awards that were given out. What I mean by making partially is that I made the wooden part and then used  local awards store to laser burn the logo and add the name plate. The Indiana shaped and the 5 x 7 pieces are the ones I made. A total of (14) of each were made. I used Cherry as my choice of wood.The awards were a big hit by everyone. I feel like my finish techniques could have been better, but overall I was happy.
On the Indiana shaped pieces, I laid out the shape in Corel Draw. Printed full scale and made a master template. Using a pattern bit, I was able to cut out consistent shapes on my router table. After cutting out I used the 1/4 " round over bit to smooth the edges. For the 5 x 7 size pieces I sawed out on my table saw and used shaping bit for the edges.
This project was a bit of an undertaking, but for the cause it was worth every bit of it.

Close up View

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