Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Gifts 2014

Over the holidays I was making special gifts for my family. Now that Christmas is over and I can post. For my son I made him a cutting board in the shape of a guitar. He likes to dabble in cooking and playing his guitar. This project just fits the bill.

 The idea for this project was derived from "Woodriver Woodcrafts" that was on Etsy. He had these for $65.00. For me I used scrap material. Cherry, Walnut, Maple and Oak Plugs. Glued together with "Titebond III". For the knobs look, I drilled 3/4" hole with Fostner bit and used flush tapered plugs. The design layout was made in CorelDraw. I found a picture of the guitar my son has and traced the outline to get my proportions and then made my own inside pattern. For the finished I used butcher block finish. I'm very pleased with the results. Next time I might make it so I did not have small pieces out on the sides, but heck I'm satisfied. On the bottom I also added some rubber feet to keep from sliding on countertop. The card you see attached is one I made in CorelDraw too. I printed out on a Avery card stock and laminated it.

Cutting board for my son

The next cutting board is for my wife. I used the same types of wood as above. The size is about 8" wide by 12" long. I also added rubber feet underneath to elevate slightly and keep from sliding around.

Cutting Board for my wife


Kind of a last minute project as a stocking stuffer I made the Oven rack push/puller. The idea and pattern came from "Steve Ramsey" with "Woodworking for Mere Mortals"

Oven Rack Push/Pull Stick

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