Thursday, March 12, 2015

Project Wrap-up

I can officially call this project finished. This is one of my first in many ways.

This the first time I have:
1. Made a roll-top feature.
2. Applied edge banding.
3 Used my HVLP Earlex Sprayer.
4 First time buying Oak from the sawmill and planing, etc.

I'm very pleased with all my attempts except some areas in the edge banding process. For some reason the worst area was trying to band was the inside curve of the desk top. After about three attempts I ended up with something that was satisfactory. I believe not have the proper iron? Ended up using one of my wife's curling irons.
For the finish I used Minwax Semi-gloss Polyurethane. I love the sheen look I get. This weekend I will be making the delivery and setup the components inside the unit. More pictures of this will follow.

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