Sunday, December 1, 2013

Other project in progress...

Ever since I was planning my carving projects I was confronted with my neighbor to start on a project that had discussed with him a couple months ago. Being that this project did not seem to complex, I agreed to begin. Simple as a table seems to be, the table top was the most difficult to do. Top is made with around (40) or so 2 x 2 pine boards. The challenge was to joint each piece and keep a uniform shape without much bowing. Only having a 12" planer I had to make sub-sections and put all sub-sections to make full width. Around the outside of the table I used 3/4 inch x 2 inch pine. After all glued together there was still some camber, bow and everything else. To level the top off I referenced a method on "The Woodwhisperer" website to use a router on a cross slide, resting on long axis support rails. Basically use the router as a manual CNC machine. Anyway the results turned out the best that it could be. This project is still not complete. Still yet to do is paint a 1/16 inch scale replica of a basketball court. This court design will replicate a local high school. That's what the table will be for, it will be used in coaches office as a small conference style table. I'm expected to wrap up in a couple weeks.

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