Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Storage Unit

Years ago when I enclosed my carport into a garage and extended the back of garage I created a small room that really served me of no use. My main purpose was to use this area as a mud room and a place to hang up coats and store gloves, hats, etc. After years of not really utilizing this area to my full advantage I came up with this idea of making a shelf unit that I can buy straw like baskets and use to store stuff. Because of this room being long and narrow, this unit will serve it's purpose very well. Besides for storing it can also be a bench sitting area to remove our shoes on those snowy days.
The baskets are about the size of a milk carton (12" x 12" x 12") To simply make this unit I used one sheet of 3/4 Birch plywood. Using my circular saw and straight edges I was able to rip all pieces to size. To assemble the unit together I used pocket screws. Next I will add some trim around the edges to hide the plywood look. Final process will be to paint and possibly distress some. Currently the pictures you see are just after assembly. The edging has not been added yet.
On Sunday 3-9-14 I finished the sanding and nail hole filling then my wife painted it. We were looking for some country colors to match a old antique table piece we have. We took a piece off the table and had taken to Lowes so they could match the color. Pretty close I might say. Were happy with it. Next I will make a coat rack to amount above the lower level. We are looking for some hooks we like. We used the top level for cat food storage. This unit also's helps hide the litter box.Until next time...

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