Monday, May 5, 2014

Got a handle on it..

For a several years my wife had a small spatula from "Pampered Chief" that had the broken plastic handle. Several times I had put a screw and nut to hold together. For only a short period of time this seemed to work. Later it finally broke and was completely unfixable. But I had an idea. Hey since I work with wood how about putting on a nice wooded handle, so here's what I came up with...

Using two halves of walnut I cleared for the tang section and glues halves together. Instead of driving a brass or metal cross pin though I elected to drive a wooden dowel. I actually had taken an oversized dowel and drilled it through the steel hole to size it to a perfect fit. Next I drilled a hole through the handle that fit. I could tapped the dowel through. After clamped for overnight I cutoff the dowel with flush saw. Lastly was the finishing part. Used General finish sealer and I was on my way.

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