Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Weather Vane

Besides wood working my other passion is tour cycling. Several years ago the weather vane on the cupola on my workshop wore out so my thought was to replace the old rooster with some type of unique conversation piece. The picture you see is my idea, about half finished project. Using 3/4 inch plywood and glue individual scrap pieces to the plywood gives the vane a 3D look. Granted this item will be out in the weather, I will be using a heavy coat of undercoat with several layers of the paint color then a heavy clear coat. That should hold up for awhile?

I will next shape the outside with a sanding drum and drill the hole to except the rod on top of the weather vane, then I will glue the same type of components on the other side.. Final step will be to paint and coat as I mention above.

Please check back...

This is one of my touring pictures taken several years ago. This will give you an idea why I made this project.

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