Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Kitchen Table Project

Today I'm starting my kitchen table build. Wanting something small with the capability to expand for guest. Opened size is 40" x 57" and Closed size is 23" x 40". Here are a couple pictures of the table design and the progress I have made on turning my legs. I turned the legs without a duplicator.I made a full size template and measured and used my outside calipers to get my turn features. Because I made the legs out of 2 x 4's I had several chip out areas. I will fill with epoxy. More pictures and updates as I progress...Check back..

Finished my table project. I had one major slip...when I mounted the hinges I made the mistake to consider that the pivot point for the hinges comes closer to center of table. Because of this the width of the table top did not exceed enough distance beyond the table frame. When I laid top on frame it looked like a seagull wings. Alteration made was to rip top down the middle length ways and insert a 1.50" wide piece down the middle. You can see the slight change of the stain. Please note the distress I did on the legs and frame. I had many compliments on that. Some had thought that I found an old table and made a new top for it.

Overall I'm very happy with the results and my wife is a "Happy  Camper"

This will end the series on this project..Thanks for looking.

Overall ISO view

Side View with leafs down

View with leafs up

Top Made of Top quality pine....working on drop leafs now. Will finish as Cherry stain with Semi-gloss poly.

First attempt on drop leaf edge

Final Coat..next to distress....

First coat of black

Supports added for drop leafs

Progress as of 4-4-16

Corners doweled with corner brace.