Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bathroom Update

As I count down my retirement date Karen and I have been working on our home with plans to prepare it for selling. This past summer we added new landscape and inside our winter project is to re-do the bathrooms. For quite some time we have not invested into these areas of our home. To help match our theme of the old-timey look we are wanting to match both bathrooms to the rest of our home. This is beadboard simple shaker style door molding, etc. As we progress I will post updated pictures. To start with  I have started building new vanities. Using a sink from IKEA I made this simple cabinet. Front frame is poplar and areas not seen will be plywood. I will start next on the medicine cabinet. I'm willing to share with you my plans if you are interested,

More to follow...

Master Bathroom, few touches to add

Looking from other direction

The first vanity for the master bathroom

Ready for installation now...

Sketch up plans - Guest on the left and Master bath on the right.

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