Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Prepping House

As we get closer to putting our home on the market to sell, my wife and I have been working every weekend since January 1st. 2016. From gutting out the bathrooms, land scraping, new trim and much painting we are finally getting close to the finish line.
This past couple weeks we replaced the from door and made inside shutters for the front windows.
We are happy that we are about to wrap up, but sad that everything we have done is what we have been wanting to do for years.

The first pictures are the shutters. These are made of pine. When you open they are bi-fold style so they fold back flat against the trim. All of them do this except for the center window.

Shutters from the outside looking in.

Shutters from inside looking out.
Shutters as opened.

Next item was installing front door. The old door was old and drab looking. We were not happy with the fact that he foyer was so dark. To help provide a brighter feeling we replaced door with a glass panel style. It made all the difference. Once we installed the door, I was not too happy with the side panel. The wto glass panel designs seemed to clash. So I made a panel insert with pine and added some trim features that I feel like adds some appeal to the whole concept.

Old door before.
New door
So happy with the change.

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