Sunday, January 29, 2023

Cabinet for Dan my neighbor

 Over the holidays I had a call from Dan. He asked if I could make him a cabinet that he could place in his mud room so he could store pots and pans. After reviewing with him about his thoughts and ideas... I made notes and told him when I finished my Christmas carvings, I would start around mid-January. So finally, I was able to begin. His request was simple pine boards and to be painted.

Like I said I made out of pine boards and then painted cabinet white Size is 12" deep x 32" tall and 60 long. Due to the long style cabinet, I suggested making door that would bi-fold style doors. This would give him full access to storing items. This cabinet will also include a middle shelf.

Closed View

Partial Opened View

Fully Opened View

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Neighbors Greenhouse Project

 About a year ago, my neighbor Sophia down the street ask me if I could build a greenhouse for HER neighbor Debbie. I said "yes I thought I could??" Well the project ended up being a a bit more then I could choo. Anyway I made a design layout showing Debbie what it would look like. Had to figure material cost, etc. Of coarse material was running higher at this time. Anyway I worked at trying to minimize cost so I could get down to an affordable option. So here is what happened...

Design Layout

This is the area that greenhouse would live..


Used 5/8" thick Poly for roof and sides and end. Opposite end attached to garage.

After this part was finished We was wondering what to do with the gap of the greenhouse and the shed just to the right. So here is what we did.

Gate Added. Looking in 

Looking out gate

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Mudroom Storage Cabinet

 Our side entrance to our home is our "mudroom". Since we moved in we had a hard time trying to store things, such as vacuum cleaner, cleaning supplies, etc. So I built this cabinet. 

Overall size is 19" deep x 30" wide x 84" tall. Made out of pine front frame, radiant pine plywood and bead board made from a Masonite  type material. My wife painted it. We are very happy with the results. 

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Wood Carving Bench Update

 Since we have been living in Mount Vernon, Wa and had my shop setup, I did not have a great way to organize my wood carving workbench. Finally after looking at some ideas this is what I came up with.

 First I lowered bench down to 30" high so I can use a desk chair, I purchased the vise and mounted on the swivel tip base. Base made of 3/4" plywood. Hinges on front of bench it will allow me to tip up to 60 degrees and swivel every 45 degrees. Behind the bench I made this shelf to hold carving knives and carving blanks. Then just a couple days after I made this swivel Rack to hold my most used knives. 

Shown in Tipped up position. 

Shown Rotated 45 degrees

Knob un-screws to allow me to rotate.

Rotating rack to keep most used knives.

Laundry Room Folding Table

 My neighbor was in the process of upgrading there laundry room. This added feature will be a nice addition. They had purchased the laminate countertop and the shelving. They asked me if I could make the frame to put it all together. The rendering shown below is what I proposed. This included caster wheels so they could roll out to clean behind.

The frame work is made of pine. The legs are 4 x 4 untreated post. I planed down to 3" x 3". Overall size is 25" deep x 46" wide x 40" tall. After delivery of unit they added the baskets on the shelve. Current view doesn't show those. 


Finished project without baskets.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Christmas 2020 Carvings

 After 2020 getting off to a bad start and still going on, I wanted get back into the groove with my holiday goodies. Special thanks to all my friends who have been supporting me through-out the years.

Here are the Santa's and Snowmen for 2020....

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Utility Shed Addon

Since we had moved into our 55+ community 2 years ago our garage has been a warehouse of about everything we owned. Biggest stuff in the way was our lawn mower, power washer, lawn tools,etc. Besides I needed more room for my workshop.
To me the simplest solution was to add on the back of my garage. Overall size is about 5' wide x 7' long. Started out with concrete blocks and then ground contact lumber for joist. Next was the floor, walls and then roof. I wanted to do something special with the doors so I could blend in with my home. The doors are cedar fence pickets with an outdoor wood frame. Stained the cedar to give it the rich cedar looks. As you can see stain works well with our shutters.
Total cost was around $650.00. Still need to add a few storage shelves. That will be done in a couple weeks or so.
Now that this is finished I will be forced to replace door going into shop :)

Completed Shed
Adding a few decorating items. More to add later

Before building

To illustrate our color scheme