Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Chest Set Rescue

Over the summer a good friend and fellow firefighter went to Cancun for a vacation. During his visit he purchased this chest set. During his return trip home the chest board was broke by the TSA. You can see what happened below. Besides the board being broke also was his heart. Jeremy knew that I did some wood working so he asked if I could come up with a way to mount this to some kind of board, so the pictures show how it turned out.
I used CA glue with activator to glue corners on. During the handling of the board it broke in half again. Once again I used the same glue. Once I secured the board inside the frame everything worked well. Due to the small fragments being missed, small areas had to be filled with  super glue gel. After hours of scraping with razer blade, buffing, etc. I was able to revive somewhat back to a normal look. The cracks are still highly visible, but not bad as expected.
The frame and base is made of walnut. The frame portion was undercut was cut to secure the board. The frame was screwed on and not glued. Just in case the chest board needed to be removed later.

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